Welcome, Boy Child
We’ve waited so long with our hearts open wide
Now you’re here see the miracle gift of life

Welcome new day
The old story book opens up a new page
There‘re horse riding Ritters and dancers up on the stage

A welcome Boy Child 
from your Aunts from your Uncles
From the boys in the band 
yes, with cheers and with chuckles
We’re wishing you all of the best
in your coming life

Time’s on your side
You’ll look ahead while we’re looking behind
Memories filling uplifting our simple lives

Boy, we’ll love you always
In the good and the bad and the darkest of days
May the good Lord be with you and shine on you on your way
Yes, may the good Lord be with you and bless you each every day

Welcome Boy Child

Words & Music by Mark Patrick ©2004
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A Boy Child for Christmas & Lyrics

Artist : Mark Patrick
Release Date : 12/02/2017